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Safety Tips

  • Teach your children to always turn the cold water on first and the hot water off first.

  • Use good water conservation techniques and install water saving devices such as flow controls.

  • Keep your children safe and avoid nasty accidents. Install temper valves on your hot water taps to prevent your children from burns.

  • Don’t store flammable liquids near the base of your gas hot water heater.

  • Turn your gas appliances off at the main when painting your house to prevent unpleasant smells. Oil based paints and thinners can create smells that cause problems for those with asthma or nasal sensitivity.

  • If your gas hot water heater is in the laundry, make sure to clean lint away from the burner and controls.

  • Flexible stainless steel braided hoses must not be used to connect to hot water systems because they burn out the internal rubber hose and may cause serious damage.

  • Plastic seals must not be used on hot water outlet pipes. By using copper seals you can prevent fast deterioration of seals and possible leakage.

  • Copper trays under hot water tanks in home units are a must.

  • Stagnant, undrained smelly water is another common problem resulting from leaky or broken pipes. Excess water in a yard may be coming from a damaged sewer or mains line and may contain waste from your home. The undrained water is not healthy for children or pets, and is a breeding ground for insects and germs. Inspect your yard for areas that are too wet and with unusual plant or grass growth or plants and trees that have died from roots that are too wet.

For a plumbing emergency call  1800 880 180

For a plumbing emergency
call  1800 880 180